About Our Company

About Our Company

About Our Company

Our Czech branch, located at Příborská 280, Chlebovice, Frýdek-Místek, represents a key element of our global manufacturing network. Since the start of its production in 2009, this branch specializes in innovative and technically demanding manufacturing. Here, we primarily focus on the production of technical parts made from high-strength composite materials GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastic) and LWRT (Low Weight Reinforced Thermoplast), which are crucial for the automotive industry.

In our modern manufacturing plant, we operate ten specialized production lines, allowing us to meet the growing market demands and adapt to the continuously changing trends in the automotive industry. The operation in our plant is organized in a three-shift system, enabling us to respond efficiently and flexibly to our customers’ needs.

Hanwha factory
Hanwha factory

The Chlebovice branch employ approximately 280 employees, of which about 50 people work in office positions, while the remaining 230 employees are dedicated to production activities. This team plays a vital role not only in production but also in innovation and the development of new technologies, ranking us among the leading players in our sector.

We represent a dynamic company that actively responds to future market changes, and thanks to our focus on innovation and quality, we have become an important player on the international stage of the automotive industry.

Sustainability and social responsibility

We are on the way to the goal of sustainability and we understand that together we can make a difference. A sustainable growth path is the only way to ensure that our world is still a place where we can all live together. At Hanwha, we firmly believe that the decisions we make today will affect the world tomorrow.

Responsibility We accept full responsibility for our actions and decisions. We are aware of the impact of our activities on society and the environment and try to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive benefits. When making decisions, we not focus only for economic factors, but also social and environmental impacts. We strive to balance the interests of our customers and achieve long-term sustainability. We are supporters of open and transparent communication and provide regular information about our activities, decisions and results……

Snižování emisí

Recyclable materials: We use recyclable plastic materials and materials from renewable sources to minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of our production. We actively support recycling and look for the most modern technologies to sort and process materials. We try to maximize the amount of materials that can be reused or recycled.

Energy efficiency and decarbonization: We invest in energy efficiency and look for ways to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in production. We try to minimize energy losses in all phases of our activity and take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing emissions: We regularly monitor and control emissions from our operations and facilities to identify the main sources of pollution and take measures to minimize them. We invest in modern technologies and equipment with low emissions and friendly to the environment. We strive to minimize the production of pollution during our operations and take measures to reduce the possibility of harmful substances escaping into the air and water.

Cooperation with suppliers: Cooperation with our suppliers and customers is for us a key element of our sustainability and success. We are determined to continuing to build strong and long-term relationships and work together to achieve our shared goals of sustainability and development.

Protection of employee rights: We obligingly comply with all labor law regulations and respect the rights of our employees. We provide a safe and healthy working environment and actively work to prevent occupational accidents and diseases. We create an environment that respects the diversity of our employees and promotes inclusion. We strive to create a culture of openness, respect and equal opportunities for all.

Employee Support: We provide our employees with support and resources for their physical and mental health. We support the involvement of our employees in decision-making processes and the creation of new ideas and initiatives. We believe that their commitment and creativity are the key to our joint success.

We are proud of our achievements in sustainability and social responsibility and will continue our efforts to achieve even higher standards. We are committed to being an example to other companies and contributing to creating a better and more sustainable future for all.


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