Hanwha in the world

Hanwha in the world

Our company, established in 1965 as Korea Hwasung Plant, has a rich history in the petrochemical industry, playing a key role in Korea’s industrialization. Since its foundation, we have gone through several significant phases of development and expansion. In the 1970s, we grew with the construction of Korea Plastics Industry Co., Ltd., and Hanyang Chemical Holding Co., Ltd., which strengthened us as a leader in the petrochemical industry.

In the 1980s and 1990s, we focused on growth and progress, expanding into the field of automotive materials and merging significant subsidiaries. This expansion continued into the new millennium when we were renamed Hanwha General Chemical and later Hanwha Advanced Materials after selling our building materials division.

The parent company (Materials) defines the three pillars of the company as “Core Competencies”:

Leading Global Company

Hanwha Advanced Materials has breakthrough technology necessary for producing truly top-end advanced materials for the automotive industry, electronics, and solar energy. Among them are StrongLite (GMT) and SuperLite (LWRT), lightweight composites for automobiles, which occupy a leading position in the global market share.

Technology to Realize Creative Ideas

We are expanding our business directions by diversifying into lightweight composite materials and developing more advanced thermal forming technologies. We are also developing more sophisticated surface treatment technologies that will drive the market forward. Based on this, we ensure original technologies for the automotive industry, electronics, and energy. 

Global Network Actively Responding to Global Markets

We operate eight local manufacturing branches in five countries, including the USA, Europe, and China. We actively respond to customer needs in terms of part standardization and selection of a global supplier as a partner.

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