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Hanwha Advanced Materials will lead the new wave of future mobility and green energy industry with special technologies.

Hanwha Advanced Materials

About our company

Our Czech branch, located at Příborská 280, Chlebovice, Frýdek-Místek, represents a key element of our global manufacturing network. Since the start of (its) production in 2009, this branch has  specialized in innovative and technically demanding manufacturing. Here, we primarily focus on the production of technical parts made from high-strength composite materials GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastic) and LWRT (Low Weight Reinforced Thermoplastic), which are crucial for the automotive industry.


Our products

We specialises in thermoplastics-using technology GMT (glass mat thermoplastic fiber) , LWRT (low weight reinforced thermoplastic and producing EPP (expanded polypropylene ) – raw matreial also.

GMT (glass mat fiber thermoplastic)

StrongLite is a composite material in the form of formatted sheets, reinforced with polypropylene and glass fiber…

LWRT (low weight reinforced thermoplast)

SuperLite is a composite material formed under heat and low pressure with a porous structure mixed with polypropylene and glass fiber…

Hanwha in the world

Our company, established in 1965 as Korea Hwasung Plant, has a rich history in the petrochemical industry, playing a key role in Korea’s industrialization…


Hanwha Advanced Materials Europe s.r.o. currently employs people in positions in production, administration and other departments. Graduates of technical fields will find employment with us, both with and without experience.


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Hanwha Advanced Materials Europe s.r.o.
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