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About us

Our company was established in the year 2007, production started in the year 2009. Currently we are producing EPP raw material (beads), parts from EPP (expanded poly-propylene) on 6 foaming lines and from high strength composite GMT (poly-propylene resin + glass fabric) on 6 molding lines.From 2015 we are producing LWRT parts (Low Weight Reinforced Thermoplast)  on 5 LWRT lines.We are certified for ISO TS 16 949. Our production is running in 3 productions hall with total area 13587 m2 (6000 m2 hall with 6 EPP lines and 3 GMT lines + 2500 m2 hall with production of EPP beads + 3000 m2 hall with 3 GMT molding lines + 3000m2 hall with 6 LWRT lines).


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